Best of Links: Blogging for a Job

Image: citytown via Flickr


This week’s “Best of Links” brought me to this Ragan article about Daniel Hebert, a senior at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick who wrote a blog post titled “Why I Should Work for Radian6.”

He began by demonstrating his knowledge of the company, then he introduced himself. He delved into his own personal social media plan by describing all the social media tools he uses to track and engage with his followers, such as SocialBro, Twellow, Hootsuite, BufferApp and more.  He even provided screenshots of his Twitter feed and an Excel spreadsheet he made to track the optimal times to engage with his online community.

The title of the Ragan article about Hebert is “Clever or Crazy: College student blogs for social media agency to hire him.” I think that Hebert’s approach is undoubtedly clever. I commented on his blog to ask him about the results and he’s already had a few phone interviews and email conversations with Radian6.

With his blog post, he made them pay attention to him. And even if Radian6 doesn’t ultimately hire him, the publicity from the blog might be able to help him find a different social media job. I mean, a J452 PR class all the way in Oregon is learning about him!

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